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Mariya S

Mariya S.

Mechanical Engineering

Mariya is a Mechanical Engineering Major and architectural engineer. Employed as a machine, structure, building and product designer. Proficient in various engineering and graphics skills.

Rajkumar Y

Lead App Developer

Rajkumar is an IBM Certified Professional. His talent lies in knowing how big business portals manage their applications and process flow generation of applications. Rajkumar has over 10 years of experience in the development industry.

Kelly M.

Content Creator

Kelly has a degree in freelance writing and has been proofreading, editing and writing for many years. Kelly continues to be an asset and provides great insight as a VSN Team member. Kelly also oversees marketing and ensures content integrity.

Rob W.

Business Development

Rob has been actively involved in the digital arena since 1994. Wearing many hats including, data analysis, marketing, and application development. Currently, VSN is Roberts flagship project, devoting full attention to creating the unique user experience.