change the future

Do you ever wonder if your existence could change the future?

change the future

When first coming up with the idea for VSN I had the notion to truly help people. I mean really helping someone in a big way. I realize that helping other people in small ways is just as important as helping in large ways. but I didn’t want to design the next big thing or build some application that could make someone’s day much more manageable. Rather I wanted to create an entirely new way of thinking and communicating, or at least a version we haven’t visited in a long time. Something that could actually make a change to the future for all walks of life.

So often today, we as humans get caught up in our everyday lives, working and caring for our families, letting our environment dictate our tomorrow. It is at no fault other than ours that we do not act on our creative impulses and step out of our comfort zone. For some, we have no choice to only imagine our limitless possibilities. For others, there is a marked sense of belief that they are not obligated to make such differences in the universe. Be we as humans were designed to be creators and if you listen deep inside you will feel the urgency to unleash our creative selves.

The other night I was visiting my parents and my mother wanted me to watch this move about an autistic girl who ends up inventing marvelous things, Temple Grandin. We watched the movie and afterward I realized that anyone with proper resources can make a huge difference in the world that benefit the masses. So it got me to reflect back to when I first came up with the idea for Virtual Sales Network.

I thought now is a great time for people to break out of their shells and let their creative selves be heard, seen, felt, and fully experienced like we intended. With technology and the advancements in communication by means of the internet, people truly have a medium in which they can share their talents, freely with others without prejudice worldwide. By adding Offers to VSN, it opens endless possibilities for people of all ranks to test their limits of creativity.

The idea to inspire others with their own inspirations is the notion behind VSN, creating a global marketplace for people who really want to make a difference in small and large ways.

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