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People say we must live in the present and not the past. But we must remind ourselves that the past is what leads us to the present and without memory of the past you will never know which paths lead to their given destinations. Meaning, forgetting the past can lead you walking in a circle all your life and never really achieving new goals and ideas. Your future becomes a relentless loop of familiarity as if living within a Deja Vu without awareness.

We must choose not to dwell on the negative paths but avoid them, do not attempt to tread, for you shall be swallowed into the serpent’s belly as it coils and winds and tightens in a twisted circle leading to a void of nothingness (feeling a little metaphoric). This is the path that some of us get locked into. 100 years from now, what will you be remembered for?

Will you be remembered for nothing because your paths led to nothingness?

Choose to remember the correct paths and rely on the positive to help guide your presence into the future.

Even as the world seems to take hold and pull us beneath its surface slowing our progress as if sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand, we must still look up. We must still reach and search every angle until the path of light overcomes us and frees us from the magnetic forces which keep us locked within the belly of the serpent (feeling a little more metaphoric :)).

Look, as those did from our memories of history. Those who stood up for love and true freedom and chose paths not taken. These are the ones who are remembered, who lived and died for truth and the love for all that is good.

For us who truly still believe in God, we look at Jesus Christ and prophets of old who told of truths of love and kindness and free will.

Innovators, known and unknown to mankind, who stood for what is right. Nikola Tesla comes to mind with the idea and plans to provide free energy for the world only to be torn down by the greed of man. In his seemingly relentless journey to overcome the faces of negativity, Nikola Tesla will be remembered as one who reached out of the void and traveled paths untaken.

How will you be remembered?

In these uncertain times, where most may seem hope is all lost, we must be strong and join those who are blazing new paths, creating positive roads for those to travel. The terrain is not forgiving and we will fall, but we must get up and know in our hearts that we stand for love and freedom. These are the traits embedded within our DNA. Do not veer from what is right, you must listen to your positive instincts.

Make your path, be remembered

Which paths to take, which ones to avoid

The paths you make are your own. The number one question is… how do I know, what I do next, will produce positive results? That depends on what you want for your future. Most people want to be happy and free from stress and believe that money is the only way to achieve these feelings. Their focus becomes only on money, thus knocking them off track from their true goal. You see, money can be a huge blinder, because your focus and path begin to get blurred only with the focus of becoming wealthy, with the notion that it will lead us to happiness and freedom. When in actuality it is the opposite.

relaunch and create an offer

When I mentioned, choose to remember positive paths you have experienced in your life, I mean positive paths are memories of events that made you happy inside. It could be a memory of watching a news segment of a rescue or seeing your child walk for the first time. These are memories of love and it is what motivates all of us. But our perception gets distorted as forces of nature and negativity within the world keeps us wrapped tight in a circle, never moving forward.

To break free from the circle

Remember the reason why your positive experiences have created an uplifting feeling within you. Unless you are a vengeful person, you will see that in most cases you will be led to a positive outcome from that experience. Even when we veer off the path and negativity seems to overcome our world, remember the positive and uplift yourself.

A side note:
If you are familiar with split testing as within any campaign you always go with the campaign that produces positive results.

So break free and do not dwell on what has produced negativity within or around you. Clear focus and be smart about what is within your heart and soul.

When we base our present actions from positive experiences, we propel our mindsets in a more creative process, which produces positive results. This could be a lengthy algorithm at times when our focus becomes so blurred and our memories of positive experiences begin to fade. That is when you create new positive experiences by appreciating what is good around you and exploring new opportunities. Let happiness be your guide.

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