Check to see how you rate as a Freelance Expert.


work at home parents“As technology gives us the freedom to work from anywhere, more and more people are prizing the ability to do so.” – Laura Shin, Forbes Magazine

Are you researching and keeping up with new advances?

In this ever-changing market, there are constant deviations in web design and many other freelancing specialties. If you are not keeping up with the changes, your business could suffer.



Do you listen carefully?

This is very important. Be sure to obtain a detailed description of your client’s needs. Ask questions if you don’t fully understand the scope of the project. It is much smarter to ask than to guess and be wrong.


Do you charge professional rates?

Many freelancers do not charge enough for their work. While this may be a good way to get clients initially, it can backfire if you can’t make ends meet.



How do you handle a difference of opinion or constructive criticism?

Not all clients will agree with your suggestions. And that’s okay. Always be sure to solve and handle disagreements with courtesy and respect.



Is your work Top Quality?

Always be sure to present the client with your very best work. Sloppy work is a sign of a freelancing amateur. It is not in the best interest of your business if your client has to pay someone else to fix your mistakes. And, you do not want to get a bad review on your profile.


Are you focused?

Do you stay on task during the workday? Do you get distracted easily? An unfocused freelancer is unproductive, and that can hurt your business in the long run.



Do you have regular work hours?

Although, as a freelancer, you can set your own work hours, it doesn’t mean you should put work off until the last minute. Devoting a regular time to work is helpful in creating a schedule that your clients can depend upon.



Do you have a dedicated workspace?

While freelancers can essentially work from anywhere, it is a good idea to have a dedicated, organized workspace in your home with all the supplies you need handy.



Do you give up easily?

Many freelancing newcomers are sometimes looking for instant success. However, for most freelancers, but certainly not all, success takes time. If you give up easily, freelancing may not be for you.


Are you healthy?

Smart freelancers know that they need to take breaks, eat right, get enough rest, and balance their work life and their social life. Otherwise, you may risk burning out.