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Comparing Freelancing Websites

Where do you start to compare websites?

Freelancing websites are becoming increasingly popular due to the ever-increasing amount of both buyers and sellers who use these services.

Whether you have a long-term interest in freelancing or you just want to make some quick money, these freelancing websites are competing for your talent and expertise.

In fact, you can find thousands of online platforms competing for your attention and seeking to become your number one choice for freelancing work. However, many of them lack what it takes to ensure that you become successful.

Therefore, we’ve done some homework for you and prepared this article to make it easier to find the freelance marketplace that will best suit your needs.

Sometimes New is Better than Old

Upwork and Elance have been offering freelance work for well over 10 years, which means that millions of freelancers have managed to find something to their liking over the years.

On the other hand, Guru and Freelancer are relatively new.  Through experience, freelancers have learned that sometimes it is best to go with the newer sites in order to ensure a better experience in receiving work while building their profile.  This is because there are less seasoned freelancers on these smaller sites.

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A Comparison of Fees

Comparing the fees for these websites is extremely important.  You want to get paid what you are worth and not give a huge chuck of your earning to the website.  Having said that, some sites are free and others are far from it.  Let’s take a look.

Upwork and Guru are completely free to use but will take 10% of your earnings on each job.  Elance and Freelancer freelance website(s) offer both free and paid subscriptions.  The main cost of doing business however will never be the membership fees, as all of these websites charge transaction fees on the actual work and projects as well.  The service charging the biggest transaction fee is Fiverr, charging a whopping 20% fee on each job.

For successfully completing projects on Upwork, you are charged with 10% of their value, while Elance charges you 8.75%. Freelancer has a different fee structure and there is no fixed percentage. It all depends on the type of project and its estimated value.

Be sure to be diligent in researching the costs associated with each site.

How easy is it to navigate these websites?

Most people will not have any problems or confusion using any of these websites.  However, we should mention that there are some noteworthy differences. Upwork is relatively easy to navigate, as long as you don’t have any questions.  It may take a while to receive an answer from support.  You do not have instant access to chat.  The same goes with Guru.  Elance and Freelancer contain a little more information to get you started.  But again, there are no instant answers to questions that are not posted.

Take note that these sites hold your payment from anywhere between 5 and 7 days.

compare freelance websites


While the above is a good overview of the other freelance websites, you might be a bit more daring and bold, and interested in the new way to hire freelancers or begin your freelancing company.


VirtualSalesNetwork.com is the newest and smartest choice if you are either looking to start up a new freelancing business or looking to hire a freelancer.

VSN has the lowest payment rate per job.  They will only charge you 5% per job, as opposed to other freelancing sites who charge 10%.  That extra 5% in your pocket really adds up!

VSN has great tutorials to walk you through whatever it is you need done, great articles to help you in your startup, and an easy-to-navigate website.

VSN employs the best of the best.  Take a look today and get started.

VSN will send your payment to you as soon as it clears!  No wait!


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