User Experience

Do you ever wonder what would happen to your Facebook (or any other social network) Page ends up like MySpace?  If you are controlling your business visibility,  It is important that you first create your own website and then rely on other sources to bring traffic back to your own platform. This allows for ultimate control of content.

User Experience

Successful business owners realize that it is much easier to manage their own website and then syndicate content to social media sources.

VSN takes it a step further by custom designing your very own Social Media Network integrated within your existing website or with a completely new domain that integrates with your existing content.

If you have or are building a customer base, why not increase their engagement with you and other customers within your niche, without having to leave your site.

here is a live example of how business owners can stimulate engagement, increasing user retention: CLAIMroe

CLAIMroe happens to be a directory for Local Fashion Consultants.  Our membership sites can be tailored to any client base!

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