Are You A Bottom Feeder?

What is a bottom feeder?

Create, don't be a bottom feeder

So my son and I were talking about insects including mosquitoes, flies and other discussing bugs. We own a fifth wheel and keep it parked away from our house on my parent’s property. Every now and then we will head over to visit the parents and have a campout.

So it happens to be the night of my 46th birthday and my youngest son and I are having a campout and it is pretty late. I do most of my work at night. and my youngest son has taken quite the liking of what I do. So to encourage him he sits right there with me on his laptop making programs with visual basic and such. The kid is only 7. but I guess that is the norm nowadays, I’m just happy that he has a great interest in things.

And that leads us to the… “bottom Feederssss!” as we are both on our laptops in our little hideaway. he sees a bug flying around in front of the light. I told him to get the bug and he said no that’s gross! So I attempt to slap the bug and notice that it is not a mosquito in relief, I tell my son that at least it is not a mosquito but only a molth. He said Moths are gross, like flies.

I tell him that flies are really grown like catfish, vultures, and basically any animal that eats food that is dead.

And then I proceed to tell him that they are…, “bottom Feedersss!” We thought about this for a moment and looked at some of our food items. I said see that Cap’n Crunch, that food is dead and see that apple, that is alive. So most people who only eat dead food are, “bottom Feederssss!”

We had a laugh and he told me I should write this little event on my blog. So I did, and now it is time to sleep!

I guess the moral of this story is to eat healthily, don’t be a bottom feeder. Try to eat healthily and be aware of the wonderful capabilities our beautiful minds can possess.

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