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Finding a Quality Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Workers Needed

Wouldn’t we all love to be great with Photoshop? The fact is, it looks easier than it is. The realization sets in at some point that you are spending way too much time trying to learn and get the job done. Are your Photoshop designs actually even making your website nice?

Probably not as nice as it could be. And honestly, your website means everything to your business nowadays. Ensuring that it is awesome and people want to return will require a good graphics designer. The best way to achieve this? Hire one online.

Whether you are looking for website design, logo design, tee shirts, posters, banners, business cards, etc. a freelancer can provide quality work at affordable prices.

First you will want to search the numerous freelancing sites available to find what the best fit is for you/your company. Next, decide what you want to spend. If your budget is low, no worries. There are many freelance designers out there who are good at what they do but are just beginning and are willing to do the jobs a little cheaper in order to build their portfolio.

Sometimes the designer you hire is even from another country with a lower cost of living and will charge according to that. Or, in the interim, you have the option to hire expert graphic designers who will charge more and give high quality guaranteed work.

    So now that you’ve gone through the sites, and found a few potential candidates, you will need to decide who you should pick. A few tips help you along:
  • Make sure you get samples of their past work. Do you like it? Keep in mind that style means everything. Most designers stick to their own style and don’t necessary always match yours.
  • Ask for references, and call them.
  • Ask for an agreement – You will be the sole owner of all rights to the work, you will receive all files via electronic mail in case you ever need to make changes, hourly rate/fixed rate/expenses.
  • Be clear and consistent with your directions, and let it be known that you will at times change your mind.

This is absolutely worth all of the effort. Your image matters. Your first impression matters, your company matters. The better you look, the more you will make.
In addition, you may make a contact with a graphics designer who is incredible and can work with you in an ongoing relationship.

Finally, if you are wondering what your job or project would normally cost, do some research on the internet to find out the going rates and compare. I would say the norm right now is anywhere between $35 to $45 dollars and hour. However, if you are able to agree on a fixed rate, do it!

Article Written By Kelly Martin VSN – Virtual Sales Network

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