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Freelance work isn’t going away any decade soon. In fact the notion of being your own boss and working from home is a continuously expanding arena and becoming reality to millions.  More and more people, worldwide are discovering the possibilities of Freelance work, working from home and earning the same if not lots more from conventional employment.

Freelance working is here to stay

How is this possible?

Well let’s analyze this for a moment.  You are reading this and possibly employed by someone and work away from home or have already discovered benefits from freelancing but need more information on how to get more jobs and be focused with expanding your business.  Whether you fit either situation, you have thought of the idea of working for yourself but don’t know how or need more resources to grow your own home business.

So it is clear that an interest to freelancing is growing among all of us and with technology; tools are making it possible and easier for freelancers to begin working from home and making a lucrative business for themselves.

Why is Freelance Work so appealing to many?

That is a no brainer, the freedom and joy of being your own boss.  Just think of being able to wake up and roll over into your office.  Sounds great right?

Wrong, it is not that easy, just because you conduct freelance work from home does not mean that you do not work.  You have to treat your home office the same as you would if your office was at the other end of town or forty five minutes away.  Don’t get me wrong, freelancing is way better than working directly from a remote office.  Primarily because of the freedom of being able to spend more time with family and so forth.

Here are a few reasons more and more people are turning to freelancing than ever before.  In fact by 2020 it is said that 50,000 million Americans alone will join the freelance revolution.

  • It is becoming easier to freelance your talents. Now a days it is not uncommon for one spouse to work from home and the other from a remote workplace due to the tools available to the average freelancer.
  • The Technology Industry is growing by leaps and bounds with no sign of slowing. Most tech employment only requires a computer.  Today the world is networked, so technology professionals and others who work on a computer can enjoy FMS Freelance Management Systems to propel their workload and streamline productivity.
  • Freelance management is the answer and the reason why the Freelance Movement is in process.  Without the proper tools to manage and gain clients it becomes difficult.  Freelancers have recognized this common interest and developed a Marketplace for Freelance Professionals.
  • Tools like the FMS, VSN for example offers a one stop shop for freelance work, businesses and other remote workers to conduct all aspects of business. Post and Bid on projects as well as keep track and manage all projects from any platform.
  • The ease of getting in touch with your team or co-workers. FMS’s like VSN can provide you with all the tools to start or expand your business as a Freelance Professional. Instead of looking over your cubicle, you can now look your team member straight in the eye from a webcam and communicate.
  • The VSN marketplace is worldwide so you can literally have no problem finding work or finding a professional that understands your requirements.

Yes freelance working is where the future is headed and if your situation allows for it, you should give it a try.  One thing I recommend is to Join a FMS and take a look around.  Post a project or create a profile as a freelancer.  Do it part time as time allows you to and see where it takes you.

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