This is a great post that explains how to get traffic to your landing page.

There are many ways and here I am listing a few:

Get an Active On Social Media

  • Share your page on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums, etc.
  • Invest in Facebook ads
  • Create a Facebook group and add relevant people to it.
  • Go to relevant subreddits on Reddit and talk about your project

Using Twitter To Drive Traffic:

  • Share the relevant content to your offer
  • Use short and provocative Tweets
  • Use #Hashtags
  • Ask for Retweet
  • Use visually Appealing Images
  • Ask questions related to your topic
  • Promote your Tweets
  • Include a link in your Bio
  • Follow relevant pages and people to get more people to know about your project.

Using Instagram To Drive Traffic:

  • Know your audience
  • Add a link to your bio
  • Invest in Instagram Ads
  • You can also add Instagram ads to Facebook ad campaigns through both Ads Manager
  • Place Call-To-Action on your images
  • Include URL in your videos
  • Use Instagram stories to drive traffic from Instagram

Using Email Marketing

  • Send personal Emails to an individual that introduces your idea and delivers your Call To Action.
  • You can use MailChimp for free email listing, creating a newsletter, and then sending it out to people.
  • Write the relevant content about your’s post and make the backlinks on relevant websites.
  • SEO, which is great but time-consuming.
  • Google Adwords is great, but also a little expensive and time-consuming.

Reddit Contributor – Yassine Landa

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