Here is a simple quick tip on selling more of your services when attempting to promote yourself.

write good titles

The TITLES you give all your stuff should be as compelling as any of the HEADLINES in your marketing.

Read this last sentence again.  You can see the impact. and how it can really make a difference to your readers.

All the titles of the various pieces of content in your product should be benefit-driven. This will help you both when you’re selling, and when you’re working to get your clients to consume your content.

So when building your profile at or  keep in mind how important your title is and how your potential client might interpret your content.


Below are some examples of good “How To” titles:

  • How To Seriously ____ That Drives ____
  • How To ____ in [#] easy steps
  • How To ____ in
  • How I Made ____ in ____
  • How To Find ____
  • How To Rock ____
  • How To Make A Strong ____
  • How To Completely Change ____
  • How To Create ____ That Gets ____
  • How To Get More ____
  • How To Generate More ____
  • How To Quickly ____
  • How To Deliver
  • How To Use ____ To Stand Out
  • How To Tell If ____
  • How ____ Boost Your ____
  • How To ____ The Right Way
  • How ____ Can Inspire Your ____
  • How To Get Rid Of ____
  • What To Do With ____
  • Where To Find ____
  • Quick Guide:
  • A Complete Guide To ____
  • What to Look for ____
  • Ultimate Guide: ____
  • Advanced Guide: ____
  • Beginners Guide: ____
  • Hack: ____
  • DIY ____
  • Practical Guide: ____
  • The Anatomy Of ____ That Gets ____
  • Full Guide: ____
  • How To Unlock ____
  • Getting Smart With:

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