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Our Journey is our mission. At VSN we are on a journey to find the most talented independent professionals to fuel innovation.

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Sometimes top talent can be hard to find. Just as VSN is seeking for the best of the best to help advance our Ideas and reach our goals, we also believe in sharing. So as we build our elite team you can also; by selecting top professionals from our talent data pool.

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As VSN continues to grow, our talent pool will also grow allowing anyone access to the best talent in the world from one source… VSN – Virtual Sales Network.

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  • Building Tomorrow Today

    We at VSN – Virtual Sales Network, believe our imaginations are limitless.

    Our goal is to establish a marketplace and community for liked minded thinkers to support the advancement of technology and innovation.

    We believe that what you imagine can and will happen. VSN Professionals inspire those who also share this idea to go beyond the boundaries.

    One of VSN’s focuses is maintaining proper stewardship of this great planet, thus bettering every man, woman and child now… and for generations to come. We do not pretend, nor portend to have all answers/solutions; that is why this wondrous LLC was formed. We need you! We seek independent thinkers, developers, inventors, and aspiring artists…whomever you are. Help your fellow mankind. Join us in forging the next chapter of our brave new world. Together we will transcend the possibilities of what is seen, and yet to be.

    “Everything happens in its own time. I believe that every path we take is a path that we choose to take. That is our destiny at that particular time that it enters into our minds. In that moment it is locked from time. Time shall not find it but only when time looks at it, at that one moment. And once that moment is looked upon, its meaning will forever change. And who ever peers at that moment for guidance, structure, to learn and share, shall gain insight. These are the ones who glanced at that moment, forever changing the meaning and allowing that moment to live, breathe, grow and channel new paths. We are all products of particular moments in a moment. If you see such things as truth, then you see the world as an atom and the universe as an apple. You see things as you wish.” – Rob Wiley, CEO and Founder – VSN

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