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There is nothing wrong with using Upwork or VSN to outsource for a startup or hire a remote developer or any other tech professional. But it is what it is. You are asking to receive services from someone you have never met.

You must know what it is that you need from the professional, and what you expect as an end result. If you have no management skills you must develop them by trial and error, so start off slow.

Research before outsourcing for a startup

I helped someone the other day with the issue of needing help outside of her current staff. She had an idea of merging two applications together but had no clue how to hire someone to start the project. I told her to research the applications and make a detailed list of what she wanted to achieve.

At this point she would post a listing at VSN or any other Freelance Marketplace describing her project. If a professional responds and can answer the detailed questions of what is needed, most likely they can perform the duties. I also advised her to research their profile, references along with portfolio. And once hired, start out with a small task to build up trust.

Take baby steps when outsourcing for a startup

Outsourcing for a startup will be easier with a clear vision. If you have to create a flow chart and really dig into what you are looking for. Putting pen to paper can make a world of difference.

I personally have hired teams of freelancers to create startups, some successful and some not. Over time I developed an eye for finding the right talent for my projects and so will you.

What you need to outsource for a startup is good management skills, people/communication skills, have a clear vision, and be motivated, inspired and passionate about what it is that you want to achieve.

Once you find your candidates, you will have to micromanage until you have built a relationship of trust. Start out with a small task, and if you are not satisfied then you can always hire someone else until you have a match that fits with your goals. Never settle when it comes to outsourcing and your passion.

Let your passion be your guide when outsourcing for a startup

If you are like the majority of startups you will have limited funds so be smart and do the research before chucking out bucks.

Article Written By Rob Wiley VSN – Virtual Sales Network

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