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Negative keyword tools can be great, but they don’t know your product like you do. So instead of relying on research tools, here are some best practices to follow when looking at your search term report.

Look for a high number of impressions (1000 or more impressions) and less than 1% CTR. This will tell you that your ad is coming up for this search but is irrelevant to the customer because of how little it’s being clicked on.

You can also look for a high number of clicks (100 or more) and no conversions. This indicates that they clicked on your ad but didn’t buy for many reasons such as price or no prime shipping or low customer reviews.

If you see a search term that is an ASIN number (ex. Ya19X14q01), this means the customer clicked on this product but then, within that product page, clicked on your product. Unfortunately, this is a manual process, and you would have to search for one ASIN at a time in the search bar and see what product it is. You can exclude ASIN in your negative keyword list for products that you don’t want to be associated with yours.

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