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Matching VSN Professionals with Professionals

After creating an account at VSN you will have access to post or bid on projects.

You can build your own network by inviting others to view your profile.

VSN also offers TRACK to manage all of your freelance and outsourcing networks. All free and all included when you join.



Woark as a VSN Professional

Proposal Walkthrough

Learn how to submit a proposal



Submit a winning proposal

Start here

If you are a freelancing professional (referred to as VSN Pro, once a member.) you can start by creating your profile.

VSN Freelance Professional Dashboard

This is your single most important page. What you include in your VSN profile is what your future clients will see. So create a professional profile, one that will make you stand out among the crowd.

VSN Profile Link

Display all of your profiles from all of your networks on your VSN Profile Page.

Within your profile you will also be able to add your profile links from these platforms:

Other freelancing profiles

(additional networks coming soon)

These links will appear on your VSN Professional Profile Page Visible to the public. When a client clicks on your profile from another platform it will appear without the user having to leave the page.


Displaying additional profiles makes it easier for your client to see your reviews and portfolios outside of VSN.

After creating an account as a VSN Pro if there are clients that match your profile you will get notifications by email in the industries and areas you choose to get notifications.

VSN email alerts

If you don’t receive notifications immediately, don’t worry the VSN Network is growing daily.

If you don’t activate your account, it is still ok, your profile will still be visible and you retain your VSN Pro status.

As an additional feature, you will still get notifications when jobs become available, even if your account is marketed inactive.

Start VSN Proposal

After you are satisfied with your profile navigate to a project you would like to submit a proposal.

Submit VSN Proposal

Enter your proposal and wait for an email notification. it’s that simple. Once you receive a response from the VSN Client, you can instant message them with details to begin work.

Build Portfolio



Become a VSN Professional

Create projects and collaborate with others

Display your portfolio and post or bid

Create your profile today for free!

Start sharing what you do

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