1506 West Cortner Street
Hanford CA 93230

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Quote Number QUO-0012
Quote Date October 12, 2020
Valid Until April 30, 2021
Total $1,190.00
Vision Care Optometry of Hanford

715 N Irwin St, Hanford, CA 93230

Dr. Nguyen, Darren Palm

Services included:

  • Design and development of contact lens store, complete with site checkout and payment methods of either - Stripe, PayPal, native or custom credit card payment from the website. (additional fees may be charged based on the checkout method not to exceed $200.)
  • 3 custom pages
  • Checkout gateway and payment integration
  • Customer list for marketing services.
  • Product Population (31 units) - Product description, SKU's, and images to be provided by client.
  • One month of our 'Basic' website maintenance and hosting plan. Details can be found here:
    (After 30 days from site launch,  'Basic' Plan monthly fees will be applied.
  • Sales portal for statistics and order management.
  • Google Console and Analytics set up and integration.


We will waive: "Site Store with Checkout (up to 10 products)".  You will be allowed the 31 products submitted.  If additional products are added at a later date,  individual product listing fees may apply.

Fee does not include custom Privacy/Use/Terms/Returns or any other mandatory postings.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Contact Lens Web Site - Including Store/Sale Fulfillment

Website design/development, including custom checkout for right and left eye contact lens.

Sub Total $1,190.00
Tax $0.00
Total $1,190.00

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