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Quote NumberQUO-14
Quote DateOctober 6, 2021
The Broken Crust

Provided by Virtual Sales Network - NADmedia

Description of Services:

Create WordPress based website located here: https://serene-kowalevski.34-83-136-148.plesk.page/ and provide modifications to Theme color, Fonts, and minor adjustments to theme style. All images and content are to be supplied by The Broken Crust. Once each page has been approved, the site will be transferred to https://thebrokencrust.com and be viewable to the public. At that time your hosting agreement will begin.

The annual hosting rate is $50 for basic hosting, which includes a complimentary SSL certificate.

Instructions are given below in regards to the most efficient process to get started.

INSTRUCTIONS(Go to this link: https://serene-kowalevski.34-83-136-148.plesk.page/ to create screenshots of each page to create a changelog as we progress: )



For each screenshot reference the object or text to be changed, such as: "change the sushi image to the attached images named: pizzaslice.jpg or change the 'make a reservation' button to 'Meet Our Chefs'".

Our first goal is to replace the existing content with what your team would like to see.  After I have made changes from all screenshots I will create the appropriate links to all of the pages referenced.  Once your team has approved site style and content, I will make the site transfer to https://thebrokencrust.com and create an email account and aliases.

By accepting this agreement you agree to the descriptions of services and our company terms located here: https://virtualsalesnetwork.com/terms/

An account will be created with VSN for monthly automatic payments for website hosting.

Full payment due after final approval of test website.

Hrs/QtyServiceRate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1Website Design - DNS Transfer (Discounted)

Please refer to the description of services.

1First Month - Website Hosting Fees (Discounted)

$50 To be billed monthly after the first month of service from the VSN automatic subscription payment system.

Sub Total$450.00

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