How VSN Works User Guide

Where do you start?


VSN – Virtual Sales Network startups, small businesses and outsourced professionals get work done together with a simple project creation and proposal submission platform. Match VSN Clients with VSN Professionals to create a unique team to help with any project.

Within VSN marketplace you will be able to create projects, submit proposals for jobs, create milestones and use our built in payment gateway to handle all transactions. You will be able to deposit funds from your PayPal or Skrill account and assign credits to completed projects. VSN also offers financing through PayPal, to get jobs complete.

If you are a VSN Professional you can add all of your profiles from other marketplaces. These links will appear in your VSN Profile making it easier for clients to review your feedback and examples of work.

Along with our post and bid platform, startups, project creators, small businesses can get work done faster with our task management platform – TRACK.

If you are looking to manage teams or projects from VSN marketplace or other sites like Upwork or Toptal you can use our platform – TRACK by VSN – freelance project management application.

Within TRACK you can create a network, invite professionals you want to collaborate with, create task, build projects and manage all of your work all in one platform.

Start now for free, our basic plan includes all the bells and whistles.


How can this help me?

By joining VSN you will be able to:

Streamline your workload and become more efficient.

Gather new leads and build relationships with professionals in your area of interest.

You might have multiple accounts across the web where you may post or bid on projects. You can now import your team members and clients into TRACK or display profiles from other accounts on your VSN Profile Page.

Submit proposals to quality jobs within the VSN Marketplace

Create Projects within VSN to attract top talent

Be more efficient, collaborative and productive


  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Track Bugs
  • Launch Product
  • Clerical Reporting
  • Personal Task List
  • And lots more…


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Profile Syndication

Build Your Social and Web Presence

We will syndicate your profile on popular networks. This will automatically generate more traffic to your VSN Profile.

Multiple Profile Display

Reach More Clients from One Page

VSN Professionals can display other social and business profiles from within their VSN Professional profile page. Learn More

Private Messaging

Build Your Social and Web Presence

Communicate through a safe system without revealing each other’s personal information. Activity conducted within VSN.

Rate and Leave Feedback

Find the Right Match

Rate and leave feedback for VSN Clients and VSN Professionals. Our rating system gives you a chance to review performance.


Purchase Virtual Cash

Buy virtual cash and use the credit to pay for the projects and feature upgrades. VSN Clients can pay for their project with credit and the paid VSN Professional can withdraw the amount they earned.


Stay updated

Receive email notifications, when changes happen in your network. Such as: post a project, submit proposal, receive a proposal, get outbid, and receive payment plus more. The best feature is a VSN Professional can sign up for certain categories and get notified when a project is posted in their interest area.

Make escrow

Ensure Payment

The VSN Client deposits virtual money into escrow for the proposal winner. The VSN Client can create milestones or release payment at the end of each milestone completion or when the project is complete.


Manage All of Your Projects

When you become a member you will have access to a complete freelance management system, TRACK by VSN. Learn More

Create Profile

Now that you a member of VSN you can start by creating your Profile here

The single thing you can do to attract jobs and talent.

Creating your VSN Professional Profile is simple and the most important thing you can do to attract more viewers to see your reviews and examples of work. View Demo Here

Create Project

You just now created an account with VSN. Now what?

After creating an account you can start the project creation process.

Alternatively you can start creating a project by pressing the Create Project

After completing the Project Info form you can choose to add options, or not. But if you do you will have a better chance at finding the right match quicker.

After completing the Options form you can preview your project for accuracy.

Announce your project and see the VSN Professionals that match. That’s it. After you find the right match you can accept their proposal and begin work.

If you purchased additional features you can pay with credit, Skype or Paypal. If you did not purchase additional features you can proceed to view your live project.

Submit Proposal

You just now created an account with VSN. Now what?

If you are a freelancing professional (referred to as VSN Pro, once a member.) you can start by creating your VSN Professional Profile.

This is your single most important page. What you include in your VSN profile is what your future clients will see. So create a professional profile, one that will make you stand out among the crowd.

Display all of your profiles from all of your networks on your VSN Profile Page. View Demo

These links will appear on your VSN Professional Profile Page Visible to the public. When a client clicks on your profile from another platform it will appear without the user having to leave the page.

After creating an account as a VSN Pro if there are clients that match your profile you will get notifications by email in the industries and areas you choose to get notifications.

After you are satisfied with your profile navigate to a project you would like to submit a proposal.

Enter your proposal and wait for an email notification.

View Full Demo Here

Have a Startup? Hire VSN Professionals To Join Your Team.