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How To Become A Web Developer?

Professional Web Designer

Web developing is a highly sought after profession these days and can be quite profitable. If you enjoy creating and designing websites, freelancing is the way to go. Employers from all over need their websites created, and sometimes you will continue on with them overseeing the technical aspects, such as speed and capacity.

However, your main job is to ensure that the website looks good, works properly, and is complete with suitable contents and graphics. You can also design the website yourself, and hire artists and writers to create the content. Either way, this can be a very rewarding career. Become a web developer with some of these starting points.

You can begin by attending college and earning an associate degree in web design and/or continue on to earn your bachelor’s degree. It is possible to teach yourself code, but schooling can help you to create a wider range of web-design solutions.

Some basic skills to consider:

  • Proficiency in HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Hypertext Preprocessor
  • JQuery

You will also need to know how to convert multiple copy formats into usable web formats.

You will need the ability to communicate well with designers, writers and clients.

Get Ahead of the Pack

If you go to work for a large business, the main path to advancement is through management. If you have experience and a bachelor’s degree, you can possibly work your way up to project manager over time, giving you less hands-on work and more time to spend on planning, coordinating and directing web-development projects.

Yet, starting your own business and becoming a freelancer gives you the opportunity to grow as quickly as you desire, work your own hours, be your own boss and hire however many employees you need. All while making a considerable salary. It has been reported in recent years that web developers are making a median annual income of at least $121,000.00.


Want to become a web developer? look at some of these fields

Some of the best industries to get involved with:

  • Data Processing Industries
  • Website Hosting
  • Information Services
  • Financial Services
  • Religious Institutions
  • Grant-Making Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Professional Associations

So back to freelancing, probably the best way to go, it would be wise to start out in a niche area. By starting out working in only one field, you will become an expert in that field, which means you will be in higher demand. Higher demand usually means that you can be choosier about your clients, charge more, and be happier with what you are doing.

See the definition of Remote Worker

Thanks to freelancing websites like VSN, you can quickly become a Web developer by bidding on working projects. It is extremely important to dive in and start getting experience. It is especially important to get experience working with clients. Knowing how to talk to people is a fine skill even the most gifted coders will only develop with practice. Always remember, good communication can make a world of difference in snagging a bid, finishing a project on time and keeping the client happy.

Keep in mind that in order to get your first few jobs you may have to bid lower than others. Once you have good reviews, you can start getting what you are worth, and it’s go time from there!


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